The September-9-2015 Antifragility Panel/Webinar: Powered by Viral Change

On September 9th, 2015, Leandro Herrero (@LeandroEHerrero) explored Viral Change and antifragility.

Leandro Herrero is an Architect of Organizations who focuses on organization change (orchestrating large scale, grassroots, and behavior change), culture, leadership, and innovation as he champions the quest for Building Remarkable Organizations. Leandro embraces “shaping tomorrow’s organizations today” and “making today’s organizations remarkable” — “We don’t do ‘small difference’ – if this is what you have in mind, don’t hire us.”

In his books Viral Change and Homo Imitans, Leandro Herrero introduces The Viral Change Mobilizing Platform.

After re-structuring, re-engineering, re-sizing and re-designing, the forgotten ‘re’ are renewal and reinventing.

Granted, some of these journeys may require changes in structures and processes. But the ultimate real change is behavioural.

Any 21st Century organization, big or small, . . . needs an engine of change and transformation, a permanent capability for change-ability, more than the one off method of ‘going form A to Z’. It needs a modern, flexible and powerful Organization Operating System.

The Viral Change Mobilizing Platform provides the conditions for sustainable, large scale behavioural and cultural change. Viral Change is the antithesis of the old traditional ‘management of change’. It is a mobilizing platform, not a method in the traditional way. A platform that provides the behavioural DNA for the organization and that creates an unique Organization Operating System.

We explored how antifragility and Antifragile Organizations may be powered by The Viral Change Mobilizing Platform — including how he’s interpreted the concept of Antifragility, translated his interpretation into practice, and the results and impacts of his efforts!

The recording is available here and see here for all Antifragility Panels/Webinars!

The conversation explored:

For more insights see


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