Starbucks’ Mission, Transformation Agenda, and Seven Bold Moves

Joseph Michelli‘s (@josephmichelli) Leading the Starbucks Way is a must read for anyone interested in better understanding the wisdom that fuels Starbucks’ success.

In Chapter 1, “The Starbucks Connection,” Joseph reminds us of Starbucks’ mission, Howard Schultz’s “Transformation Agenda”, and its tactical “seven bold moves” which are focused on long-term viability. The Transformation Agenda is detailed in Onward: How Starbucks fought for its Life without Losing Its Soul.

Mission: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit”

Transformation Vision: “To become an enduring, great company with one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world, known for inspiring and nurturing the human spirit.”

The seven bold moves:

  1. Be the undisputed coffee authority.
  2. Engage and inspire our partners.
  3. Ignite the emotional attachment with our customers.
  4. Expand our global presence — while making each store the heart of the local neighborhood.
  5. Be the leader in ethical sourcing and environmental impact.
  6. Create innovative growth platforms worthy of our coffee.
  7. Deliver a sustainable economic model.

Consider the elegance of nurturing the “human spirit” to create an “enduring, great company” by being an authority [1] and leader with impact [5] while inspiring partners [2] and emotionally connecting with customers [3] through an innovative growth platform [6] that fosters presence [4] and is founded on a sustainable economic model [7].

Then consider: Are you an authority? [1] Are you having an impact? [5] Are you inspiring partners? [2] Are you emotionally connecting with customers? [3] Are you fostering an innovative growth platform? [6] Are you achieving presence [4] atop a sustainable economic model [7]? Fundamentally, how are you catalyzing the human spirit into an enduring, great company?

Joseph Michelli‘s Leading the Starbucks Way shares how Starbucks is realizing its mission!


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