Define, Live, and Evolve Your Culture

My good friend, Brad Barton (@Brad_Barton) of Absolutely Nothing is Absolute, has graciously shared a sketch visualizing Delivering Happiness at Work‘s Roadmap to Make Happy Work (as described in Happiness!). This sketch is powerful in humanizing the concepts.

BradBarton20121215Define, Live, and Evolve Your Culture
(click to enlarge)

The sketch uses the Yin-Yan-Yuan Triality symbol (similar to the Yin-Yang Duality symbol) to express defining, living, and evolving culture.

Define your Culture

Defining your culture involves awareness to activate human vitality. This involves exploring behaviors, language, and relationships to define a mindset (identity). The sketch depicts a few individuals, with their own identities, who collectively explore and define a culture, which is represented as fire, a classical element.

Live your Culture

Living your culture involves human dynamics to foster health (well-being and performance). This involves living the mindset (identity) by behaving, expressing, and relating with one another. The sketch depicts the few individuals collectively living their culture by organizing and fueling the fire.

Evolve your Culture

Evolving your culture involves wholeness to foster success. This involves evolving the mindset (identity) by further behaving, expressing, and relating with one another. The sketch depicts the few individuals collectively evolving their culture by internalizing the fire that fuels the individuals.

Consider the imagery expressed in this sketch.

For you (and your culture), what does the sketch evoke?


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