The Agile 2012 Conference (post)

The Agile Transformation Journey session at the Agile 2012 Conference was very well received. Len Lagestee with two Scrum Masters from delivered an engaging and informative session, where another coach and I supported the session. See The Agile 2012 Conference (pre) for more information.

During the session, we emphasized that the magic ingredient to foster transformation is Love.

During the session, we also quoted Leandro Herrero to emphasize that transformation does not need to be “long, painful, and very expensive”:

A consultant that can’t facilitate visceral and sustainable cultural change in 6 months is not worth the money!

Ultimately, we are human beings on a journey of never ending renewal, and we should always be in awe of life — in transformation!

We hope that future Agile Conferences involve more case studies shared through the client’s voice versus the — all too common — consultant’s voice!


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