The Wolf Pack: The Quintessential Healthy and Thriving Unit

The “wolf pack is nature’s most effective hunting machine” — and — “a high performance team [or organization] is much like a wolf pack!”

As Rudyard Kipling beautifully expresses (here and here):

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Del Goetz’s Wolf Credo beautifully expresses how a wolf pack — as a unit (team or organization) — effectively achieves such high performance.

Respect the Elders

Teach the Young

Cooperate with the Pack

Play when you can

Hunt when you must

Rest in between

Share your Affection

Voice your Feelings

Leave your Mark

Del Goetz’s Wolf Credo can also be readily visualized (a drawing that emerged through conversation)!

(click figure to enlarge)

The first three items (red) represent the past, future, and present, respectively. Essentially, the elders represent the past, the young represent the future, and the pack represents the present. Without appreciating where we’ve come from and where we’re going, we are lost — and — without cooperating with one another, we simply aren’t a unit!

The next three items (blue) focus on the (prioritized) activities of the wolf pack. Essentially, playing or focusing internally, but only when we can; hunting or focusing externally, but only when we must; and resting, but only in between playing and hunting. Without appreciating the content of the unit and context around the unit, we lose our integrity or wholeness as a unit! Just consider the ramifications of “playing when we must” and “hunting when we can”!

The next two items (green) focus on the health of the wolf pack. Essentially, sharing affection and voicing feelings fosters empathy and continuous & never-ending renewal, otherwise, tensions swell and ultimately destroy our wholeness or unity.

The final item (black) focuses on the results of the wolf pack — essentially — greatness!

Nature elegantly expresses a natural healthy and thriving unit (some would say, agility and antifragility) through the wolf pack and Del Goetz beautifully expresses the quintessential characteristics of a healthy and thriving unit in the Wolf Credo!


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