Artful Transformation Illustrated

My good friend, Len Lagestee (@lagestee) of Illustrated Agile, has graciously shared three sketches rendering the’s Agility Transformation Journey. These sketches are powerful in humanizing the more abstract images I commonly whiteboard while engaged in conversation.

Also, consider the results of the transformation: “turnover was very high … about 25 percent annually. … Today the turnover rate is under 5 percent … the time it takes to develop new applications has fallen 42 percent thanks to some big ‘cultural changes’.”

Please see Artful Transformation for more information.

Phase I: Context

The first phase involves engaging and energizing the enterprise; fundamentally, starting with a “blank page” and creating a skeleton. A blank page essentially empowers one to appreciate the enterprise and simultaneously view it from an infinite number of perspectives!

From the organization, identify a core team. Ask Why? Ask How? Create a minimal framework, and socialize & refine the minimal framework.

Phase I Sketch
(click to enlarge)

Phase II: Foundation

The second phase involves the enterprise experiencing and elaborating its new way of being; fundamentally, attaching muscle to the skeleton.

Enact the minimal framework on pilots, recognize what works and what does not work, elaborate the framework — recognizing the “shift” throughout — and then renew value creation capabilities based on strategic and tactical perspectives.

Phase II Sketch
(click to enlarge)

Phase III: Evolution

The third phase involves the enterprise evolving and embodying its new way of being; fundamentally, attaching skin to the muscular skeleton.

Continue enacting the framework, focus on oversight to sustain organizational health (well-being and performance) based on strategic and tactical perspectives, establish communities of practice, and transfer ownership of the framework to the communities of practice (from the core team) so that the communities can continue to evolve the framework.

Phase III Sketch
(click to enlarge)


An organization, an enterprise of individuals as a collective, is ultimately a social ecosystem — and — this is how the Art of Transformation is operationalized!

Ecosystem Sketch
(click to enlarge)

Framework Sketch
(click to enlarge)


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