Dan Mezick’s The Culture Game

Dan Mezick’s (@DanMezickThe Culture Game book blends concepts from Organizational Learning, The Fifth Discipline, The Agile Manifesto, Tribal Leadership, and Reality is Broken to introduce the Tribal Learning framework. The book offers “managers who are seeking more agility for their team, their department and the wider enterprise” “a road map that provides sixteen learning practices and a proven strategy for socializing them throughout your organization.” Please note that this blog is based on receiving only sample content and not the whole book.

The book is composed of three parts. Part one focuses on preliminary information, part two focuses on the Tribal Learning practices, and part three focuses on socializing the Tribal Learning practices in an organization. The book starts with the notion of the Learning Organization and emphasizes that an Agile Organization is a Learning Organization; the book then introduces Scrum as a “good game” that is at the root of the Tribal Learning practices, which foster a Learning Organization. And lastly, the book introduces Tribal Leadership with triads and triading for socializing the Tribal Learning practices throughout an organization.

While the book is commendable for approaching the application of “Agile development” concepts and Scrum concepts at an enterprise scale and to non-technology domains, it does not necessarily consider crucial/fundamental aspects of enterprise agility (“agile business enterprise” or “agile enterprise”) and transformation; for example, value (product/service/experience) discovery and delivery, oversight/governance, other holistic aspects of “external adaptation” and “internal integration”, etc. Fundamentally, the “learning organization” concept itself is not without its challenges!

Nonetheless, Dan Mezick’s The Culture Game book is a welcomed contribution to the evolving perspective of the Agile community!


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