Delivering Happiness Distilled

Corey Blake (@CoreyBlake9000) of Round Table Companies (RTC) graciously honored my request for an advance copy of Delivering Happiness, the comic book!

Based on Tony Hseih’s Delivering Happiness, Joseph A. Michelli’s The Zappos Experience, and my experiences working with clients in leveraging Tribal Leadership, I was very intrigued!

The Delivering Happiness comic book elegantly distills the essence of the original Delivering Happiness book.

The CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, Jenn, provides an introduction (emphasis added):

From a scientific sense, research shows that we’re super bad at predicting what will give us long-term happiness (ironic, since it’s one of the most basic human desires).

From a business sense, happier companies prove to be more successful and sustainable in the long-term.

From a common, human sense, we can each make the choice to deliver happiness in the world. Whether it’s to ourselves, our family and friends, or a complete stranger, research shows that if we deliver happiness, we get happier in return.

First it was a book, then it was a bus tour, and now, we’re the Delivering Happiness Movement. We’ve evolved into a company with a cause — to spread and inspire happiness at work, in communities and everyday life.

How are we doing it? With a cool, frosty cup of ICEE:

I — Inspiration
C — Community
E — Education
E — Experience

From a scientific sense, business sense, and human sense, you’ll enjoy how the comic book reflects the original book, bus tour, and movement!

I particularly enjoyed how the comic book builds up to the 3 key areas:

Customer Service [Brand], which build our brand and drives word of mouth.

Culture, which led to the formation of our core values.

Employee Training & Development [Pipeline], which would lead to the creation fo our Pipeline Team.

… and the ultimate conclusion …

In the end, it turns out that we’re all taking different paths in pursuit of the same goal: happiness.

… and Tony Hseih’s three happiness frameworks:

Happiness Framework 1: Happiness is about Four things: Perceived Control, Perceived Progress, Connectedness (number and depth of your relationships), and Vision/Meaning (being part of something bigger than yourself).

Happiness Framework 2: The fundamental premise behind Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs is that once a person’s survival needs are met, then humans are more motivated by other non-materialistic needs such as social status, achieve, and creativity.

Happiness Framework 3: Three Types of Happiness: Pleasure, Passion, and Higher Purpose.

If you enjoyed the original book, you’ll love the comic book!


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