Steve Jobs: Thank You for Being You

Steve Jobs was much more than an entrepreneur, he was an enigma.

What made him so unique?

  • First, his sense of Identity profoundly anchored him in his Values and Vision, and fostered his Aliveness.
  • Second, his approach to Technology and Users was unique! He did not try to technologize humanity — shape people’s awareness and behavior to better leverage technology — but he tried to humanize technology — shape technology to better fit people’s needs. He formed a triad with Technology and Users.
  • And finally, his worldview was not anchored in operational efficiency and effectiveness of results to gain market dominance, but his worldview was anchored in passionate creativity and disruptive innovations leading to market disruption.

Thus, Steve Jobs’ Formula for Success:

Values + Vision = Aliveness &

Technology and Users:
Humanize Technology >> Technologize Humanity &

Creativity + Disruptive Innovation = Market Disruption >> Efficiency + Effectiveness = Market Dominance

His Stanford University Commencement address (2005), core values, approach to human-technology-interface / human-computer-interaction, overall life, quotes and more quotes, differentiators, and legacy reflect aspects of this enigma.

Steve, Thank You for Being You!


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