Creatively and Innovatively Approaching The Art of War and The Prince

After discovering Round Table Companies (RTC) and exploring their Entertain. Educate. inform. Inspire. message and their Articulate. Amplify. Monetize. (“Your Ideas + RTC = Impact”) message, I was intrigued, but not being much of a comic book fan, I was somewhat skeptical. After discovering their non-fiction comic books, The Art of War and The Prince, I was completely intrigued! I contacted Corey Blake (@CoreyBlake9000) and he kindly shared review copies.

Both, The Art of War and The Prince, take rich works concerning human nature (The Art of War and The Prince), which are not too easily consumable in their original wisdom-full form, and creatively & innovatively distill them into more consumable and impactful nuggets. They don’t offer a mere quick read but a distilled and potent read (that makes the works more accessible to a broader audience)!

Reflecting on Round Table Companies‘ work, images of O’Reilly Media and their creativity & innovation emerge! As the last quote in The Prince is “I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it”, its the energy and passion of such enterprises as Round Table Companies who likewise are not interested in preserving the status quo

If you have a rich topic or subject and want to make an even greater impact, reach out to Round Table Companies, you will be completely amazed

See The Comic Book Renaissance for more!


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