Why I Love Starbucks

Clients and colleagues alike know of my profoundly personal relationship with Starbucks.

First, they claim it’s an addiction to Starbucks coffee, but I assure them that it’s a commitment! I used to drink seven (7) Venti-s a day (20 oz. per cup, 140 oz. per day) and I am now generally enjoying two (2) Tall-s a day (12 oz. per cup, 24 oz. per day) — always a “bold (brew) no-room (for cream)”.

Then, they claim it’s about Starbucks stock, but I assure them that it’s sacrilegious for me to own Starbucks stock! And furthermore, it’s even sacrilegious to consider (in any way, being involved with) Starbucks stock.

Then, they claim it’s about consulting business engagements with Starbucks, but I assure them that I have never done any consulting business engagements with Starbucks.

And then, they ask why — why Starbucks?

Starbucks (@Starbucks) is very much a Brand Culture.

Why do I love Starbucks? Consider the Starbucks Mission and notice what words resonate for you…

  • Mission: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit”
  • Coffee: “about quality” “passionate about ethically sourcing” “improving the lives of people” “we care deeply” “our work is never done”
  • Partners: “it’s not just a job, it’s our passion” “embrace diversity” “be ourselves” “treat each other with respect and dignity” “hold each other to that standard”
  • Customers: “fully engaged, we connect” “uplift the lives of our customers” “starts with the promise” “but our work goes far beyond” “it’s really about human connection”
  • Stores: “feel this sense of belonging” “stores become a haven” “enjoyment at the speed of life” “always full of humanity”
  • Neighborhood: “every store is part of a community” “take our responsibility … seriously” “invited” “be a force for positive action — bringing together our partners, customers, and the community to contribute” “world is looking … set the new standard”
  • Shareholders: “we deliver” “fully accountable” “Starbucks — and everyone it touches — can endure and thrive”

When you consider the Starbucks Mission that fuels the Starbucks Experience (powered by the Starbucks Culture), it’s that ideal experience that I aim to foster with clients!

Thank You Starbucks… More to come about “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul”.


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