Agility3R & Agility Distilled

In Strategy, Leadership and the Soul: Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection for a Global Economy, Jennifer Sertl (@jennifersertl) of Agility3R and Koby Huberman of Strategic Landscapes describe agility “from the outside” as “the ability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances” and also describe agility as “composed [that is, from the inside] of resilience, responsiveness and reflection”.

The book starts with the “3 big ideas” of Strategy (Invent the future), Leadership (Create synergistic relationships), and Soul (Internal and external harmony) and explores the evolution of organizations coupled with leadership and strategy. The book introduces the Transorganization, an organization that is in a “state of permanent transformation”, its soul, “the intrinsic corporate identity that underlies all that it does”, and the Transleader, “the CEO or COO or perhaps the Board Chairman of the transorganization” who has “taken responsibility for themselves at the very deepest level, and their leadership style, words and deeds, are intentional, the product of self-awareness and introspection.”

How does A3R’s aspects relate to Agility as described in Agility Distilled?

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Resilience, Responsiveness, and Reflection

Resilience involves the ability to “recuperate quickly”. It begins with self-knowledge, an awareness and acknowledgment of one’s strengths and weaknesses. It requires self-confidence, the awareness to acknowledge responsibility by admitting one’s errors and apologizing for them (when appropriate).

A3R’s aspect of resilience relates to the Context-aware pattern and the People/Team-centric pattern. Resilience is a function of a specific collective within a specific context.

Responsiveness involves the appropriateness of a response rather that the mere “speed” of a reaction.

A3R’s aspect of responsiveness relates to the Results/Value-oriented pattern. Responsiveness is a not about speed or being reactive, but being appropriate in responding.

Reflection involves asking powerful questions of one’s self and others, analyzing the answers to ensure readiness for the anticipated and unanticipated, and considering an organization’s overall health.

A3R’s aspect of reflection relates to the interdependence of the Results/Value-oriented, Context-aware, and People/Team-centric patterns. This interdependence is subtle and essential yet commonly overlooked.


A3R’s Agility is embodied in the Transleader and Transorganization:

  • “Their resilience is their ability to leverage failures and breakdowns in the company and create learning experiences for all.”
  • “Their responsiveness is demonstrated by their ability to hold multiple realities together as they flex their style and mental models to the needs and concerns of their particular audience, and are much more likely to consider customers’ and employees’ insights as valuable as their shareholders’.”
  • They “design in ‘quiet reflective’ time for themselves and their teams to get out of the ‘noise’ and the ‘action’ so they can gain perspective.”

Explore Agility3R for more on Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection!


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