The 50th Law “Fear Nothing” & Agility Distilled

Fearlessness — as explained by 50 Cent (@The50thLaw) and Robert Greene (@RobertGreene48) (who also authored The Strategies of War, The Laws of Power, and The Art of Seduction) in The 50th Law: “Fear Nothing” — involves Focus and Balance (emphasis added) [See the Source for more]:

We humans are generally frightened and timid creatures; we carry within us so many deeply embedded fears–of change, criticism, being alone, death itself. People who feel less fear in life have a distinct advantage. They are more adaptable … Fearlessness is in fact the quality that distinguishes …

Being fearless is not necessarily what you think. It does not mean being aggressive and bold at every moment. People who are uncontrollably aggressive in life are often secretly governed by fears and insecurities. Fearlessness on this level is more about possessing balance. When events occur, neutral or seemingly negative, fearless types have the capacity to focus on reality and not give disproportionate weight to the threat or risk.

The book The 50th Law is based on a simple premise and strategy: You are asleep. You are not aware of the degree to which fear determines your actions.

The difference is the ability that some people have to absorb these experiences and reflect on the negative influence of fear in their lives. What matters is awareness not experience.

Without a fearless attitude, you have no balance, no hold on reality. You overreact to events and your strategies misfire.

Since posting Agility Distilled, wherein Focus and Balance are central, many have inquired: How does the 50th law relate to Agility?

The 50th Law emphasizes that success in life and work are based on a single principle (fear nothing) or theme (fearlessness) with ten common types of aspects (fears).

(click figure to enlarge)

Intense Realism, emphasizing a firm grasp of reality, Calculated Momentum, emphasizing moving with chaos and finding endless opportunities from within the chaos, and Connection, emphasizing maintaining a close relationship with the environment to “feel” what is happening, relate to the Results/Value-oriented pattern. This pattern integrates Focus and Balance.

Self-Reliance, emphasizing ownership, Aggression, emphasizing overcoming any general fears of confronting people, and Mastery, emphasizing enduring practice to master one’s craft and oneself, relate to the People/Team-centric pattern. This pattern establishes the foundation for the ability to Balance.

Opportunism, emphasizing making the best of circumstances beyond one’s control, Authority, emphasizing practicing what one preaches (working harder than anyone, holding oneself to the highest standards, taking risks with confidence, and making tough decisions), and Self-Belief, emphasizing the belief in one’s destiny and greatness, relate to the Context-aware pattern. This pattern fosters the goal on which to Focus.

The Sublime, emphasizing an overall adopting of a fearless philosophy where one gains a sense of proportion (Balance) and a sense of urgency and mission (Focus), relates to all of the patterns.

The 50th Law of Fearlessness is at the heart of Agility’s Focus and Balance!


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