Worldviews: Twitter with Filtering and Tagging

Twitter, useful or useless? Some claim that Twitter is “useless” while others claim that Twitter is “useful”!

Twitter offers users a “basic” or “foundational” native worldview (Users, Friends, Followers, and Statuses) and the ability to evolve “richer” individual worldviews as well as shared/social worldviews through connections and conversations. Users have applied hash-tags and search capabilities to evolve these worldviews. Fundamentally, users form a complex system where Twitter offers a platform for fostering a social reality.

(click figure to enlarge)

Consider augmenting Twitter’s native worldview with tagging and filtering. Tags adorn or label elements and filters distill or refine elements. Currently, hash-tags label tweets and are used as search criteria to filter tweets. However, consider more foundational tagging and filtering capabilities:

  • A tag may be applied to a user or a status.
  • A user’s worldview is composed of the user’s tags and the elements to which they are applied.
  • Private tags constitute the user’s private worldview, which are not visible to other users.
  • Public tags constitute the user’s public worldview, which are visible to other users.
  • A user may mark two tags as synonyms or antonyms, in which case when the user applies a filter to users or statuses, elements with synonym tags are included and elements with antonym tags are excluded.


  • Tagging users as “friends” indicates a user’s friends.
  • Tagging statuses as “favorites” indicates a user’s favorite tweets.
  • Tagging users with some label indicates a list and potentially a community (from the user’s perspective).
  • Tagging statuses with some label indicates a stream (from the user’s perspective).

Twitter’s elegance is its simplicity. Twitter’s power is its real-time capability. Tagging and filtering provide a means to construct “richer” individual and social worldviews.


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