Social “Business” Reality: Beyond Twitter

With the emergence of Social Business and Social Business Design (20:20 Social90:10 GroupAltimeter GroupDachis Group, Edelman DigitalHeadshiftVisceral Business, etc.),we have come to realize that the World of Twitter is indeed less-so about Twitter and more-so about Reality.

Business is now more Social than ever and Transformation is now more Design than ever!

Fundamentally, we experience the social construction of reality, including the notion that business is a human science and social business reality is constructed by human beingsSocial Business Reality or Social Reality is a perspective / paradigm that offers a bridge between Twitter and Social Business.

Where Twitter recognizes Users, Friends, and Followers; Social Business Reality acknowledges a Space where we are Individuals with Connections among Friends and Followers, which form a Network from which Communities emerge.

Where Twitter recognizes Timelines and Statuses; Social Business Reality acknowledges Conversations that Flow as Streams as Time.

And where Twitter recognizes Lists; Social Business Reality acknowledges the need for platforms that foster the evolution of complex systemscomplex adaptive systems (complexity).

(click figure to enlarge)

As Twitter is a platform, individuals connect and form networks wherein communities emerge, and conversations flow as streams.

As energy permeates the reality of time and space, energy flows through the network as streams and communities emerge around purpose and value.

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One thought on “Social “Business” Reality: Beyond Twitter

  1. Perhaps it is a word of caution or simply an observation that the business community will try it, but if we accept the sentiment that the design of platforms like Twitter impacts how shared social realities are shaped, then it is our responsibility to start positing an ethic around how business attempts to shape, define, or channel discourses and, not a huge leap, the shared social reality.

    Is it enough to think that the self-policing tendencies of the net will be enough to discourage repeated attempts at spin? Will the system by its very ‘constructedness’ reject overt attempts at social influence? While it’s true that organizations have been taken to task for ham-fisted attempts to bamboozle the marketplace, more complex attempts to socially construct a reality may slip by unnoticed by the casual observer.

    Or maybe I am just being paranoid and seeing nefarious possibilities in what you say, Si. Thanks for the fascinating post!

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