Scrum and Kanban are Means to an End, but not the End!

Scrum is indeed being challenged by Kanban (or Kanban Software Development)!

The Lean Software and Systems Consortium and the Limited WIP Society are not so much aggressively confronting the Scrum Alliance but more so aggressively moving beyond.

As noted, this is not about trashing Scrum but more so about reflecting reality.


Scrum is designed at the practice level to eliminate a lot of external variability that affects the performance of most development teams. As such, this recipe of practices, or prescription will have a quick positive effect on performance, but without a true focus on organization level continuous improvement and cultural change, it will fail to generate further improvements.

The next notable observation regarding Scrum:

While the leaders in the Scrum community like to promote the concept of a culture of continuous improvement, Scrum does not appear to have enough depth in its guidance, literature, training and coaching to get teams there.

It’s only recently that, as a community, we’ve started to have an open debate about absolute performance of agile teams and look at what truly affects performance. What’s driving this is enterprise scale adoption.

And the next notable observation regarding the Scrum community:

My observation from the outside is that the Scrum community reflects the antithesis of our agile values. It is run from the top. The message is strictly controlled. Dissent is not permitted. It resembles a cult of personality and appears to be the very definition of command’n’control in its execution.

While many teams and organizations are now asking “Agile is Failing! Is Lean Next?” and “Is ‘Kanban’ the ‘New Scrum’ or the ‘New Lean’?”, we must respectfully remind ourselves that Scrum and Kanban are Means to an End, but not the End! The end is TransformationSustainable Culture/DNA Change of an Enterprise at every Scale.

If Scrum was not Enough, is Kanban really Enough?


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