The Generation M Manifesto: Movement & Meaningful Stuff that Matters the Most

Beyond “The Smart Growth Manifesto”, Umair Haque explicates “The Generation M Manifesto” and further engages the community with “Your Thoughts About Generation M”.

The Generation M Manifesto

He emphasizes four Ms: Movement, Meaningful, Matters, and Most.

He explains that it is about Passion, Responsibility, Authenticity, and Challenging yesterday’s way of Everything.

He stresses that the crisis (“a widening gap in how you and we understand the world”) isn’t going away but growing and is “in our institutions: the rules by which our economy is organized”.

He concludes that “every generation has a challenge” and this is Gen M’s: to create an “authentically, sustainably, shared prosperity”.

Your Thoughts about Generation M

He explains that the Manifesto is addressed to the leaders of the G8 and that challenges (“a broken economy, aging populations with inadequate support, failing governance, an eviscerated financial sector — all these and more are the challenges of the 21st century”) have been caused by an “epic failure of leadership“.

He emphasizes that “M” can be best understood as a “new set of values” “powering a new set of organizations that are rising to today’s challenges, by doing radically meaningful stuff”.

Generation M and the Purposeful Enterprise

Perhaps, Umair is describing the notion of the Purposeful Enterprise!


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