The Resilient Enterprise: Beyond the “Agile Enterprise” or “Lean-Agile Enterprise”

In turbulent environments, change and complexity reign, chaos ensues, time and resources shrink, and opportunities and risks emerge — How do you seize the moment?

Product Management focuses on the Ends; Product Development or Engineering focuses on the Means; and Project Management focuses on bridging the Ends and Means. To seize the moment, these three interdependent vantage points must harmonize around market problems or opportunities and innovative solutions. To continue to seize moments, renewal must be a constant.

Harmonized, Optimized, Responsive, and Competitive — this is the Resilient Enterprise — the whole is more than the mere sum of its parts! Transformation — this is how to become a more Resilient Enterprise — scalability and sustainability are fundamental!

Many emphasize the notion of an “Agile Enterprise” or “Lean-Agile Enterprise”, but further exploration reveals that focus is more-so on the relationship between Management and Teams and less-so on the relationship between Business and Technology — yet all of these relationships are essential.

Harmonize Business and Technology (involving management and teams) with Leanness, Agility, and Competitiveness and you have the Resilient Enterprise!


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